Tuesday, May 24, 2005

My First And Only Wireless Keyboard & Mouse!!!

This is my first and only wireless keyboard and mouse desktop set. And I love it!! I bought it from newegg.com for 47.00 dollars. I got the OEM version, it comes with the keyboard & mouse, a smart receiver, and batteries, a manual and a plain orange brown box, but it didn't come with the software or the fancy box. It was to set-up, but at first I had a hard time putting the batteries into the mouse, because it was hard to open the compartment cover, but I got the batteries in ok. The Batteries last for a long time! I turned on my PC and the mouse worked just like that! But the keyboard wouldn't work at first, I push the connect button on the bottom back of the keyboard, so that the keyboard would start working too. I like the zoom slider feature on the keyboard, because some website have small print words, and this feature is needed for that, the comfortable curve design feels good on my small hands, the keyboard even has a black leather wrist rest, 102 keys, normal keys, 21 function keys, special keys like web/home, calendar, mail, messenger, my documents, the media: mute, volume -/+, pause, stop, forward, and back, keys and 5 favorites you can add your own programs by customizing. I add-in Mozilla firefox, and ComproPVR 2 keys, you can also reassign and modify mouse buttons, scrolling you can add you own, the batteries last for up to 6 months! Why you want to spend more on the retail version when you can buy the OEM version for $20.00 less!! You can always download the IntelliType and IntelliPoint drivers for free. Link below.

Driver's Website

Cheap priced wireless keyboard & mouse, lots features, zoom slider, comfort curve design, tilt wheel technology, three times the battery life over other wireless desktop sets, smart receiver, keyboard customizing, special keys, mouse reassigning and modifying settings.

This isn't really a con, but I did have problem putting the batteries in the mouse...

I had to buy another mouse, because I kept on bumping the first part of the mouse on the keyboard, cup and printer, and it stoped working.

Microsoft Wireless Desktop Set 3.0 DA9-00001 OEM

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