Friday, June 24, 2005

WOW! What A Powerful Speaker System!!!

I love my first 5.1 speaker system, because it's at a affordable price, and I like the color of black and sliver together. The 5.1 surround sound THX performance. The sound is like...In one word: POWERFUL! The 4 satellites speakers with the center channel speaker are Mid-range and they aren't little lite weigh speakers, There HUGE! There must weigh one or two pounds each, and there have heavy duty, thick and strong cords, also color coded! So it's easy to set-up, others have complained about how short the cords are but in my situation, there too long, which is good, I got what paid for! They also have notches at both bottom sides of the 4 speakers, so it a be easy to mount on the wall they can swivel too, GREAT! The Z-5300 "E" With a cool new look has silver speakers and removable black cloth grills. This has got to be the biggest and heaviest subwoofer I've every seen, now I know there's bigger ones out there, but this one is BIGGGG! Also it's a powerful one too. This subwoofer is built with a dual chamber, so it'll play louder and lower for a the greatest bass ever! Now on the back of it. It has an on and off switch, and a you change the level of surround sound, to what you want or have, like from 2.1, 4.1, and 5.1. In my case I have a CHAINTECH C-Media AV512 8738 6ch Sound Card, so I can put it on 5.1. But I think I have get a better sound card. I've never heard of SoundTouch before, it's a wired remote control that controls everything. I like it, its cute, though I wish it could be wireless, but I would have to pay about a 100 bucks more for it! Which I don't have... HA HA! A 2 year limited warranty, I'm glad that it's there, for security reasons, hopefully nothing happens and I wouldn't need it. As for the video game console adapter, I don't think I'll need it, because I don't video games, but I have family so I'll probably give it to them or find another way to use it. Once again I didn't go to because they jacked-up price. I hate when do that, but I'll still go there for my Tech stuff. So instead I went to where they have FREE! Shipping and handing on everything, with it Fedex ground shipping. You have choice between Free ground shipping, 1-3 day express shipping 49.95! And I don't know anybody who go for The 2 Day Air 147.65, or The Next Day Air 164.30 shipping! I only paid 152.00 did I tell you that it's shipping/handing is free....LOL, and wasn't about to pay 49.95 dollars exras for shipping. NO WAY! What's included 4 satellites speakers, 1 center channel speaker, 1 subwoofer cables: power cord, color coded audio cables, SoundTouch wired remote control, a 2 year limited warranty, user's manual, video game console adapter. NOTE: Like I said before, if you like to have a great sound performance like me, then I recommend a better sound card like one from Creative Labs.

Creative Labs

The 5.1 surround sound THX performance which make these speakers sound POWERFUL, affordable price tag, new Z-5300 "e" has better color than the Z-5300, it has sliver speakers with black cloth grills, 4 great satellite speakers with heavy duty cords, with one center channel speaker, one large powerful subwoofer, with controls on the back, like a on and off switch, also you can change the level of surround sound you have from 2.1 to 5.1, SoundTouch wired remote control. The remote also have a heavy duty cord, a 2 limited warranty, and video game console adapter, its good that I have one, because I can always find another to use it, but I don't like playing games.

There's not too many cons, here.... But the fact that the remote is wired, and not wireless, this is no real problem for me though, the 4 speakers/center speaker could put out bit-better quality of sound, because the subwoofer can sometimes overpower them...But this also not that big a deal.

The Z-5300e Speaker System

A Great DVD Player For At A Low Price!!!

I just love my M270 black DVD player, because it's small, compact and it come with a 7'' TFT "LCD" Liquid Crystal Display, it's a good size, not too big not too little. The color change when moved at different angles. But the video quality is great. Built-in musical speakers & earphones? OH MY GOD! The DVD player's built-in sound quality is horrible!!! I recommed a very good pair of speakers!! Like a pair of Logitech's Mid-range speakers or better it your choice... Built-in Dolby digital decoder, Dolby digital output I like all the outputs this DVD player has. Dolby down-mix dual channel outputMulti-format disk support CD/MP3/CD-R/CD-RW/DVD/VCD/SVCD/HDCD/DVD Audio/WMA/Kodak Picture CD (JPEG) and I found out that it can play DVD-R/RW's too, The M270 read them as DVD Movie discs. I don't like the fact that the DVD player's battery snaps on the bottom of the DVD player, makes more easier to get broken, I wish then made it built-inside. You use the AC adapter as a power source instead of the battery, charge up the battery to the AC adapter, it also comes with a credit size remote control. I was a little confuses about the company, on the Newegg and the ChiefValue saids that this product is ADVUEU and AMW, I couldn't find it at the ADVUEU website only at the A-MW website. I brought it from for 149.00 S/H 4.99 = 153.99 with a -50.00 rebate = 99.00.

here's AMW Official Website

It's small and compact, has a ''7 TFT LCD screen, which make the video quality great.... Lots of outputs for convenience, also plays DVD-R/RW Media, don't know about DVD+R/RW, because I don't use it, do to the fact that this media lesser of the two, meaning less eletronics use it.

The sounds quality is horrible, do to the cheaply made built-in speakers....with just about all LCD's, color changes when moved different angles, the screen is only 7''. A 7'' screen could be too small for others, but not for me though.

AMW-M270-B DVD Player

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Gevalia Kaffe free gift a XCC-12 G-92 coffeemaker with 2 trial boxes of coffee.

Monday, June 06, 2005

A Needed Accessory!! The Fujifilm FinePix "E" Series AC-3VHS AC Adapter.

The Fujifilm FinePix "E" series AC-3VHS AC adapter, is very much needed accessory for your Fujifilm Digital Camera, I strongly recommed you buy this ac adapter. Because like I said before in the e510's review, The e510 eats up a lot batteries, and that means you'll lose some great moments because of it... And you also save money in long run! When I first got it, I was so happy. Now I can save my batteries for times, when you are outdoors or away from electric power sounces. A warning to you. The camera will get very hot, so please use with caution! another warning, is that the AC's cord isn't very long so also recommend you buy a AC Outlet Extender cord. I already have one laying around the house, but if you don't have one, go to they have one for 5.99 plus shipping, or a cable store. I guess the price is right, the depand on you. I paid 38.15 + 5.75 = 43.85. I would of paid a little less, if I had of joined the YUB Club sooner maybe about dollar or so, but I'll talk about that later.....LOL.

AC Outlet Extend Cord

A must need accessory! save batteries for trips away from home and(or) where there's no power sources, another point is..You save lots of money from not having to keep on buying batteries!!!

camera gets very hot, when in uses for a long time, the price for some people, but not me...Core isn't very long, so you might have to buy a AC outlet extend cord, somewhere down the line.

The Fujifilm FinePix "E" Series AC-3VHS AC Adapter

Friday, June 03, 2005

What A Great Surge Protector, That's Unlimited!!!!

I was looking for a new surge Protector for my room on the internet, because the old one didn't have enough outlets on it, and that's when I found The Stratitec S520102 12-OUTLET Phone/dual Coax Surge Protector, has 6ft. super-flex power cord with a right angle has a flush mount plug, this feature is great, recessed power switch and circuit breaker, this feature helps prevents you from accidentally switching off the unit (my old 6-outlet surge protector always got cut off accidentally) and allows for maximum usage for all outlets (2404 joules), surge protection and ground wiring led light. Surge protection red and ground wiring green. Has a surge alert alarm, you'll hear a buzz sound tone, it will alert you, when the protector has uses it maximum surge. Has a patented design with 12 protected AC outlets for 12 different products, has a surgeabsore exclusive patent pending enhanced protection for phone, fax, modem. Enhanced 2 in-2 out coax protection, for satellite receivers, TV's, cable modems, etc. Patented design with built-in AC power cord routing, allows the cord to be tuck underneath the surge protector. Comes with 2404 joule rating, 12-outlet surge protector, 2 in-2-out protection, 3 phone protection jacks, 8ft. Phone cord, 8ft. Gold plated cable for cable modem, TV, etc., 8 outlet safety covers, a manual. I didn't buy this product from it not available there, and if they did have it I would've bought it from there, but I just bought it from for 19.34 + 8.26 SH = 27.60. Where the shipping is real slow, and the customer service is almost none existent..

6ft. super-flex power cord with right-angle flush-mount plug, recessed power switch and circuit breaker, surge protection led, ground wiring led, surge alert alarm, patented design with 12 protected AC outlets, surgeabsorb exclusive patent-pending enhanced protection for phone, fax, modem, enhanced 2 in-2 out coax protection, patented design with built-in AC power cord routing.

None that I can think of, yet....

Stratitec S520102 12-Outlet Phone/Dual Coax Surge Suppressor

I Love My New Cordless Phone System!!!

This phone is easy to use, has a great color bright orange backlit, I love all the thing it can do. Like this phone has a 10 handset maximum expandability, that means I can add 8 more handsets, this phone system already comes with 2 handsets, and with each new headset you get you'll have to register it on the base. Expand with The Uniden TCX800 5.8GHz Digital Expandable Handset for TRU8800 Series(link below). The extra caller ID handset is great, because I can see who's calling, that's always a good thing, but I can also see who's calling from the base too!! The call waiting deluxe function, I haven't use this one yet, a digital answering system is great no need for tape anymore, the base keypad has small keys, but I have small hands so that's a plus for me anyways:) Each headset has a speakerphone, no need for the phone to be near your head.. The base also has a speakerphone too, but it's a duplex, 100 caller ID memory numbers for the headsets and the base, Do not disturb setting is a good Feature, because sometimes, you just don't wanna be bother! 4-way conferencing you would 2 handsets, the base and a outside call, wow what a great feature, now the DirectLink 2-way radio feature would be great if the range were a little longer, 1 mile at least! We use the Directlink from the 15th floor to the 11th floor, now I don't know how many feet that is, but it's a short a range. The mute and hold functions, don't really use these features. Alphabetical search is good, having all the numbers in order great! Transfer numbers between handsets and the base, I use this feature all the time. New message waiting indicator is a good function, because you can tell if you got new messages or not. The intercom is similar to DirectLink, but with this feature you can also transfer calls between headsets. This system also has 20 ring options, 10 melodies and 10 ring tones, this feature is alright, could be better... 10 Speed Dial Locations at Base, Headset Compatible, Trilingual Menu Displays and Voice Prompts, Integrisound, this feature is great because, it makes the phone sound very clear. Room / Baby Monitoring is a good feature, I have a little brother who has autism, and this feature is a great way to watch over him. Animation / Battery / Clock Display, Earpiece and Ringer Volume Control are all good, Ringer Off Option is the similar to do not disturb, Find Lost Handset Key it a great feature, we lose are phones all the time around here. Wall Mountable, Record Conversation Capability is a great feature, because what if you run in some legal troublemaker, you'll have a proof for your side!!! Remote Message Retrieval is great little feature, retrieval messages from anywhere! And lets not forget it a 5.8GHz Digital Expandable System!!! I bought this phone from for 155.00 + S/H 4.99 = 159.99. And we can't put them down!! This system comes with 2 handsets, 2 chargers, a manual, the base, a phone cord, Belt Clips, NiMH Battery Pack. If you don't wanna get the one with 2 headsets, there is one with just 1 headset for 99.99 + 4.99SH from below) We don't even use the other cordless phone anymore...

1 headset Phone System

Uniden UCX800 Expandable Headset for TRU800 Series

5.8 Digital Expandable System,10 Handset Maximum Expandability, Extra Caller ID Handset and Charger Included, Caller ID/Call Waiting Deluxe, Digital Answering System, Base Keypad, Handset Speakerphone, Base Duplex Speakerphone, 100 Handset / 100 Base Programmable Caller ID / Memory Locations, Do Not Disturb Setting, 4-Way Conferencing (2 Handsets + Base + Outside Call), DirectLink├é™ Mode - 2-Way Radio Communication, Mute and Hold Function, Alphabetical Search, Transfer Memory Locations Between Handsets, New Message Waiting Indicator at Handset & Base, plus Alert Tone, Intercom or Call Transfer Between Handsets, 20 Distinctive Ring Options (10 Melodies + 10 Ring Tones), 10 Speed Dial Locations at Base, Headset Compatible, Trilingual Menu Displays and Voice Prompts, Integrisound, Room/Baby Monitoring, Animation / Battery / Clock Display, Earpiece and Ringer Volume Control, Ringer Off Option, Find Lost Handset Key, Wall Mountable, Record Conversation Capability, Remote Message Retrieval.

None that I can think of right now, Really..Butt I wish this phone system would have 2 headsets with 2 phone lines, without getting a second phone line, "Line in use".Uniden

TRU8885-2 5.8GHz Digital Cordless Phone

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The 1# All-In-One TV!!!

I love my Sylvania 6719DC 19 in. TV/VCR/DVD Combo. I bought it from ABCwarehouse around Christmas of 02'. I wanted a TV with a DVD player and VHS player all in one unit, for great low price. I wanted one that wasn't too small or too big. I was looking in the Sunday's paper and I the Sylvania 6719DC for 297.99."Offers S-VHS tape playback and 19-micron heads for clear recordings in SLP mode, 19-inch color television with 3-inch speakers, built-in DVD player, and 4-head hi-fi stereo VCR Tapes, DVD Video, CD, CD-RW, CD-R, and MP3 files, 4-step, high-speed DVD search (2x, 8x, 30x, and 60x), Still-frame and slow motion play (DVD and VHS)" It's takes off brand DVD-RW media, like Optodisc, with all that this TV can do(2002 model, with is no longer made). There's no S-Video input!! Also on this TV, when it gets hot mostly in the summer or in very warm to hot wheather, a whistling noise come out of it, I probably need to take it to a repair shop....It's a real BIG Problem!! another problem is that I always forget that this happens, because for long preiod of time in the year the noise stops coming. But I'm sure the newer models have a S-Video output. You will have to buy a RCA Jack/S-Video Jack Adapter. I recommend the GENERIC 30S2-05400 RCA Jack/S-Video Jack Adapter - OEM for 4.49 from

Generic 30S2-05400 RCA Jack/S-Video Jack Adapter

19" color television with built-in DVD video player/CD audio player and 4-head Hi-Fi VCR, 47-key remote control, Closed Caption decoder, plays VCR Tapes, DVD-RW, DVD-R, CD-RW, CD-R Discs, Video CDs, DVD movies.

no S-video input, problem two is on this TV, when it gets hot mostly in the summer or in very warm to hot wheather, a whistling noise sound come of it, I probably need to take it to a repair shop to get it fixed....It's a real BIG problem!!! Another problem is, I always forget that this happens, because for long preiod of time in the year the noise stops coming out....

Sylvania 6719DC 19" TV-DVD-VCR Combo