Monday, August 15, 2005

512MB Lexar xD Picture Card Includes Free 32MB xD Card, Get Two These And You've Set!!

I love my Lexar XD512-231 512MB xD picture card, because it's does the job! It's great having enough room to do what I want, lots of pictures and video. I took advantage of the more space, for my 2005 family reunion. I had made over 248 items of pictures and videos. It is known that xD picture card has the highest capacity in one of the smallest formats, I don't understand what people are talking M type? It also the fastest data transfer speeds out there. Very compact, so very compact that it's very easy to lose! but the plus is that it comes with the a free 32MB xD picture card, it's a offer from the website It's one of those Yahoo! stores. That means, it's has it's own shipping polices, VERY SLOWWWWWW Shipping!!I chose the free shipping option. flashmemory's customer sevice sucksssss!! Oh yeah, they gave me the wrong order. I ordered the Fujifilm 512MB xD picture card, instead they gave the xD picture card above. I paid 70 bucks for a lot of trouble. I will never order for them again! I did ordered the Fujifilm 512MB XD-Picture Card For Fuji Digital Cameras - 22000112 from first, but I kept on waiting and waiting for it, but unfortunately I had to cancel my order, because they were out of stock:( I know now I should've order it from somewhere else. And the only reason why didn't order from, is because they didn't have a 512MB xD picture card there.

The Lexar xD-Picture Card™ is compact for smaller and more stylish digital devices. It’s powerful for amazing memory capacity now, and increased memory capacity in the future. It’s durable, making it a media you can trust with your most valuable data. And it’s versatile, for unprecedented device flexibility. Lexar xD-Picture Cards - the most advanced digital media cards ever for the best digital images yet. High capacity and high speed tranfer rate, Small and compact for the most portable digital cameras, Durable and reliable, Capacities range from 64MB to 1GB, Panorama feature is supported by, Olympus stamped xD card, Compatible to all Olympus and Fuji xD-compatible devices, This product is backed by a lifetime warranty.

The only cons are for the company I order from itself. are unreliable, has very slow shipping, awful customer service and I feel like that there only 3 or 4 people working there.

512MB Lexar xD Picture Card With The Free Kodak 32MB xD Card