Saturday, May 28, 2005

Great LCD Monitor at a good price!!

I love my new Rosewill R710J (Black) LCD monitor it's great, because it's sharp, clear, and small, but the speakers are not all that good, and when you turn up the volume the sound would get distorted. I had a old Dell E771p Cream color 17'' in CRT monitor it was big it took up a lot of room on my PC desk and the viewable screen size is smaller than the LCD. The LCD Viewable is 17'' and The CRT is viewable is 16''. But the LCD colors are different from the CRT, with means that the CRT is better for gamers, my eyes had to uses to the color changes, the LCD view colors changes, like when you're viewing the LCD screen from side to side, up, and down, this monitor doesn't have a swivel screen, like my old CRT Dell monitor, no glare, ghosting, or lag, on the back there is some space for a TV Tuner, and DVI-IN, S-IN, Video. I seen LCD monitors for more with same quality!! And I got it from near Christmas time for 241.00 12.00 s/h. = 253.00.

takes up less room on my PC desk, sharp, cheap in price but not in quality, no glare, larger viewable than a CRT( viewable 16'), Multimedia enhanced, ClearMotiv technology, High brightness and contrast, Fast video response, XtremeView performance, AutoTune Function, OSD/Power lock function, OnView controls including ViewMatch feature, VESA DPMS Standard, EPA Energy Star, PC and MAC compatible

BAD speakers, LCD monitor doesn't swivel, no DVI port, but most 17" monitors don't.

The Rosewill R710J Black LCD Flat Panel Monitor.

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