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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Voyage 200 User Review

The Voyage 200 3D graphing calculator from Texas Instruments

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In Living Color Season 5

Monday, August 21, 2006

Water Warriors

When water costs soar, residents of Highland Park, Michigan demand to know who will foot the bill.

Topics: Water, Community, Activism, Sustainability, Women's Rights, Civil Rights, Government, Michigan

A Girl Like Me

Color is more than skin deep for young African-American women struggling to define themselves.

Kimora Lee's Old Nose.

This is a small clip of Kimora's old nose before her nose job.

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Martha Jane's Liquor Store Robbery

Here is the graphic surveillance video Friday that shows a robber, Tony Swinnie, 34 smashing a liquor bottle into the head of storeowner Martha Jane Ezra, 62.

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Happy's Pizza Commercial [Full]

This is a Happy's Pizza Commercial, a Detroit pizza place, The Four Tops are singing in it. Only one original member is left in the group, two original members die, and Levi Stubb left. First Lawrence Payton on June in 1997, and then Renaldo Obie Benson on July 1, 2005 new members are Theo Peoples and Ronnie McNeir, Roquel Payton.

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The Williamson Family Reunion 2006 Video Part 2

This is The Williamson Family Reunion 2006 video part 2, at The Holiday Day Inn in South Carolina. For a Family Barbeque. On June 24.

The Williamson Family Reunion 2006 Video Part 1

This is The Williamson Family Reunion 2006 video part 1, at a Retirement Center in South Carolina. For old fashioned barbeque. On June 23.

Christmas 2005

This is a video from Christmas 2005. See Robosapien dance. Sorry that its so dark.

At The Airports And Flying

Here we are at The Columbia Metropolitan, Detroit Metro Airports in the tunnel, and Flying in the air.

On The Road

This is a video of us on the road, at a Kangaroo Gas Station, and at The Holiday Inn in South Carolina. Like my lil' cousin said "I'm Videocameraing it!" LOL!

Random Clips

Here are some random clips of my room and my mom.

The Detroit Winter Bast 2006

This is before The Detroit Winter Bast 2006 got started, a preview. And see Al Allen of FOX 2 News Detroit too!

The V.O.T.M. is Aaron Hall - Don't Be Afraid Video

here it is