Monday, May 30, 2005

A Good PC For The Price!

My first PC was a e-machines e-tower Intel Celeron 366iMHz, 3GB hard drive with 32MB of SD-RAM, bus speed 66MHz, AGP 2x, and it also had a 32X CD-ROM, bundled with a software package including Windows 98 First Edition, Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.01, ATI Multimedia Player, Also included were the trial online access programs AOL, CompuServe 2000, AT&T World Net, Prodigy Internet and the Microsoft Network, "14 monitor. It was horrid, kept on running out of room, modem wouldn't work,very slow, etc, and I know my mom over paid for it, (which she got from Office Depot) she also brought a Xerox printer, for a whopping 899.99 back in 1998, then in the year 2000 I got a Dell Optiplex GX110 Pentium III 866MHz processor, it came with a 17'' montior the E770P(which I used on my lastest PC, until I bought a new 17'' LCD montior) 128 MB RAM, 20GB hard drive, Windows 98 SE, no modem, ethernet port, 3 USB 1.0 ports, floppy, CD-ROM 40x, a very large keyboard with mouse, no speakers, this is around time I bought a modem for this PC because it didn't have one, the first modem was a dud, finally the second one worked, then I bought The Brother's MFC-7300c, with didn't work with this PC. At first this PC was ok, but I started to run out of room, getting errors etc. The 6350us is my 3nd PC, and it's the best one yet. I went to store after store until I got to Circuit City and I saw it on the display for 849.99. Compaq Presario 6000(6350us), Intel Pentium 4 2.4GHz processor, 512MB DDR-SDRAM, CD-RW Drive 40x40x10, DVD-ROM Drive 16x, Floppy Drive, 80GB Hard Drive, Windows XP Home Edition and 6 USB2 ports, System Bus Speed 400MHz I just had to get it now! It came with booket, manual, diagram, compaq keyboard & mouse, Norton Antivirus 2002, Intuit Quicken 2002 New User Edition with financial center, 5 restore discs, Microsoft Works 6 and Money 2002, But then I found out that this PC doesn't have a video card, just integrated Intel Extreme Graphics with 64mb of RAM, limited PCI Slots space (only 3 with 2 open), no AGP Slot, no DVD-RW Drive, no Microsoft Office software, not a lot of software, but it does the job ok. I did some upgrading by buying a TV Tuner card, a sound card, a DVD-RW Drive, and a PCI firewire Card. I think I will do some more research now, and buy another kind of PC next time. One that cost a little more with all the things I want on it.. Compaq no longer make this model.

mid-size hard drive (80GB), DVD-ROM drive (16x), CD-RW drive (40x40x10), lots of USB ports (6).

No firewire ports, no TV Tuner card, no video card, integrated graphics, no AGP Slot, limited PCI slot space, no Microsoft office, no DVD-RW drive, no Monitor, mini-tower.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Great LCD Monitor at a good price!!

I love my new Rosewill R710J (Black) LCD monitor it's great, because it's sharp, clear, and small, but the speakers are not all that good, and when you turn up the volume the sound would get distorted. I had a old Dell E771p Cream color 17'' in CRT monitor it was big it took up a lot of room on my PC desk and the viewable screen size is smaller than the LCD. The LCD Viewable is 17'' and The CRT is viewable is 16''. But the LCD colors are different from the CRT, with means that the CRT is better for gamers, my eyes had to uses to the color changes, the LCD view colors changes, like when you're viewing the LCD screen from side to side, up, and down, this monitor doesn't have a swivel screen, like my old CRT Dell monitor, no glare, ghosting, or lag, on the back there is some space for a TV Tuner, and DVI-IN, S-IN, Video. I seen LCD monitors for more with same quality!! And I got it from near Christmas time for 241.00 12.00 s/h. = 253.00.

takes up less room on my PC desk, sharp, cheap in price but not in quality, no glare, larger viewable than a CRT( viewable 16'), Multimedia enhanced, ClearMotiv technology, High brightness and contrast, Fast video response, XtremeView performance, AutoTune Function, OSD/Power lock function, OnView controls including ViewMatch feature, VESA DPMS Standard, EPA Energy Star, PC and MAC compatible

BAD speakers, LCD monitor doesn't swivel, no DVI port, but most 17" monitors don't.

The Rosewill R710J Black LCD Flat Panel Monitor.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

I Love My Fujifilm FinePix e510 Digital Camera!!!

I love this Camera! I bought this camera from for 209. 95 + SH 6.50 = 216.45. . The e510 comes with the camera, a manual, a 16MB xD-picture media card, a 4x6 sample picture, camera strap, 2 AA alkaline batteries, and software. It's got a lot of features. Like a big 2'in LCD screen, auto mode, zoom in, movie mode, 5.2MP, Real-image optical viewfinder(approx. 80% Coverage) some camera don't even have a viewfinder, Etc. The LCD viewfinder is kinda of useless in dark places because you can't tell what's you're taking, but takes great outdoor pictures and good well-lit indoor pictures, when you view a picture you've taken, you can zoom in on, it's got 5.2MP that means you take 20x30 pictures, 4 preprogrammed scene types: like sports, night, portrait, landscape, color modes: standard, chrome, and B&W. A pop-up flash, the power source is 2 AA alkaline batteries, that means replacing batteries is easy, because this type of batteries can be found anywhere, storage media xD-picture card (16MB to 512MB) is the smallest and the fastest media around right now, I really don't use the software it came with, I just use the Brother's 5480cn photo capture driver. I had some problems with this camera at first. I kept on clicking the shutter button, I found out that I wasn't clicking the button hard enough:) The movie mode quality isn't very good. (320x240 94 Sec., 160x120 288 Sec.) and the videos also come out too dark, another downside is this camera eat up a lot of batteries and I had to replace them four times already! But if you want a non-costly camera with 5.2mp and 2 inch LCD, that cost less than others in the same league. You can see more accessories for The e510 at the Fujifilm mall website.

The FinePix e510's Accessories

5.2 million pixels, Auto focus, 4 preprogrammed scene types: sports, night, portrait, landscape, Color modes: Standard, Chrome, B&W, Auto flash, 2.0-inch LCD monitor, Real-image optical viewfinder(approx. 80% Coverage), Power source: 2 AA alkaline batteries(replacing the batteries is easy), Movie recording[though this features quality isn't very good], Storage Media: xD-Picture card(16MB to 512MB)(is the smallest and the fastest media), great outdoor pictures and well-lit indoor pictures.

movie mode quality isn't very good, batteries run out fast, you have to click shutter button hard, LCD viewfinder is kinda useless in dark places..

The FujiFilm FinePix e510 Digital Camera

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

My First And Only Wireless Keyboard & Mouse!!!

This is my first and only wireless keyboard and mouse desktop set. And I love it!! I bought it from for 47.00 dollars. I got the OEM version, it comes with the keyboard & mouse, a smart receiver, and batteries, a manual and a plain orange brown box, but it didn't come with the software or the fancy box. It was to set-up, but at first I had a hard time putting the batteries into the mouse, because it was hard to open the compartment cover, but I got the batteries in ok. The Batteries last for a long time! I turned on my PC and the mouse worked just like that! But the keyboard wouldn't work at first, I push the connect button on the bottom back of the keyboard, so that the keyboard would start working too. I like the zoom slider feature on the keyboard, because some website have small print words, and this feature is needed for that, the comfortable curve design feels good on my small hands, the keyboard even has a black leather wrist rest, 102 keys, normal keys, 21 function keys, special keys like web/home, calendar, mail, messenger, my documents, the media: mute, volume -/+, pause, stop, forward, and back, keys and 5 favorites you can add your own programs by customizing. I add-in Mozilla firefox, and ComproPVR 2 keys, you can also reassign and modify mouse buttons, scrolling you can add you own, the batteries last for up to 6 months! Why you want to spend more on the retail version when you can buy the OEM version for $20.00 less!! You can always download the IntelliType and IntelliPoint drivers for free. Link below.

Driver's Website

Cheap priced wireless keyboard & mouse, lots features, zoom slider, comfort curve design, tilt wheel technology, three times the battery life over other wireless desktop sets, smart receiver, keyboard customizing, special keys, mouse reassigning and modifying settings.

This isn't really a con, but I did have problem putting the batteries in the mouse...

I had to buy another mouse, because I kept on bumping the first part of the mouse on the keyboard, cup and printer, and it stoped working.

Microsoft Wireless Desktop Set 3.0 DA9-00001 OEM

Sunday, May 22, 2005

A Great TV Tuner With Lots Of Features!!!

I love my Compro TV Ultra. I connect it to a 3-way splitter, my cable modem, cable TV are also hooded up to the splitter. I can record shows, movies etc. And being able to watch TV on my PC is a cool, because sometimes the cable on my TV don't work right. Don't know why?? This was I can watch my favorite shows without missing anything... I bought it from I notice one thing is that Compro's software makes the TV Tuner run the TV programs faster than on the TV... Funny huh? Like when I was watching 24 on my PC and my TV. The TV was slower by a few seconds... I but I had problems with viewing TV on my PC at first, I sent e-mail to the customer service, by the way the people at Compro USA are and very helpful too! There that's when I found out I had to upgrade the software, from version 1.0 to 2.0. The other thing is that I had to also install a program called Ulead Photo Explore 8.0 in order to use the recording functions. Later on I had another problem is that The Compro software interferes with my cable TV remote control, when I change the channel or turn up the volume on my cable remote The Compro TV software would come on and go off, weird huh? Now for the FM radio tuner function, I don't really use this one, because I don't listen to the radio much. But I tried it out and found it to be ok, You can record some music, etc. I put it on autoscan some of Detroit's more popular stations weren't on the play list. I had to add them in manual, like WJLB, WDRQ, etc. I also got a lots of noise too. But all is well and I'm happy with my buy.

Records TV and FM radio, comes with a remote control, good customer service, works faster then cable TV.

Compare the interfaces: 1.0 or 2.0?

interferes with cable TV remote control, problems viewing TV on my PC until I upgrade my TV Tuner driver and Compro software, ugly new interface.

The Hook-up 1: TV Tuner, 2: TV, 3: Cable Modem.

Friday, May 20, 2005

The Greatest All-in-one For The Price!!

I love my Brother's MFC-5840CN All-in-one printer!! I got it from fastest shipping ever! I paid only 189.00+9.75 S/H=198.75. The scanner works great, the printing works great too, good photo printing even on plain paper! Card reader works, I use it with my Lexar/Olympus 512mb, Kodak 32mb, and Fujifilm 16mb xD-picture card that came with my E510 Digital Camera. This is my second All-in-one printer. The first one (MFC-7300C) I bought it around Christmas of 01'. It was slow, and I would get paper jams, and ink errors all the time.. But this AIO has a flatbed scanner, dual paper trays, media card reader etc. At first I had a hard time putting in the ink, finally (small framed me) got my mom to do it, because she is bigger and stronger than me. I haven't tried out the networking function yet. But like the MFC-7300C the new MFC-5840CN has some problems too, besides ink installing problems, coping is kinda on the slow side, no cables come with the printer like the USB or Ethernet cable, you buy them at Prices range from 1.29 to 17.99 for USB2 and Ethernet 2.49 to 8.49, links are at the bottom. Sometime the scanner functions stops working and I'll have to un-plug and re-plug the printer to get the printer working right again, this has happen 3 times already, I still can't get why this happens? Don't know if this is only happening to me or not? And as a matter of fact, when you run out of ink in one ink cartridge, like the black for instants, the printer won't work until you'll replaces the one emtpy cartridge. kinda dumb huh? I didn't have this problem with my old Xerox printer. I still recommend this cheap AIO printer, because it everything you want in a AIO, and more! There is a even a cheaper model(MFC-5440CN), this model doesn't have the media card reader, nor, does it have the etxra paper tray, but it has everything else the 5840CN have... For 143.75 + 7.75 SH from below). Buy the ink from there too! But every consumer product has it's problems. And if you don't mind the lack of a color LCD, duplex printing, and removable scanner lid. Then this is one for you!!!



Ethernet Cables

USB 2.0 Cables

Networking, media card reader, dual paper trays, fast printing and scanning, good photo prints even on plain paper.

Slow coping, no color LCD, problems with installing ink, No USB or Ethernet cable included, for some reason the scanner function stops working, have un-plug and re-plug in the printer to get it working again, when one ink cartridge runs out, you aren't able to print anything until you replaces the empty cartridge..

The Brother's MFC-5480CN All-In-One Printer

Wednesday, May 18, 2005 The Way To Shop For Less!!

I love, because they have the fastest shipping, I mean Lighting fast! And great customer service. The people that work there are the most helpful and nicest... I first join after having some problems with service. I was looking for non-costly DVD-/+RW Drive for making copies of DVD movies, and recording TV programs. And has everything, I bought a off brand model NU DDW-082 Black DVD Drive OEM for 73.00, shipping was free, and I brought some DVD-RW discs called Optodisc for 28.00 shipping was also free. Some of the items there have free shipping. At I found lots of items there that are at low prices, like USB 2.0 cables there cost anywhere from 1.29 to 17.99, unlike other places with they cost 30.00!! I trust, I've been a member since May 2004, and I've been happy every since. Website

Monday, May 16, 2005

The Nu Tech DDW-082 DVD Burner Drive.

The DDW-082 is a half-height internal type and an IDE/ATAPI interface DVD Dual recordable drive. The drive is able to write DVD+-R/+-RW discs as well CD-R/RW discs and can perform as a regular DVD-ROM drive. The DDW-082 has 8X speed DVD+-R disc writing, 4X speed DVD+-RW disc writing, 12X speed DVD-ROM disc reading, 40X speed CD-R disc writing, 24X speed CD-RW disc writing and 40X speed CD-ROM disc reading capabilities. Furthermore, the DDW-082 supports all writing methods specified in industry standards and the functions of writing conform to them.

Very good retail package that includes both media and software.
Impressive CD-R writing quality with supported media.
One of the faster 8x DVD-Writers.
Impressive DVD+R/RW writing quality with most types DVD+R/RW media.
Supports many types of 4x DVD+R media at 8x speed.
Good DVD-R/RW writing quality on most supported media.
Running OPC technology

Great reading performance with almost every type of CD/DVD media.
Very good seek times.
Quickly recognizes all types of media after inserted.
Good packet writing performance.
Supports DAO-RAW writing.
Supports reading and writing of full SubChannel Data.
Supports reading and writing 8cm CD-R discs.
Perfect and fast audio extracting.
Excellent performance with protected audio discs.
Supports reading and writing for 99 minutes discs.
Fully supports bitsetting for all types of DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW media.

Mt. Rainier
Mt. Rainier, also known as EasyWrite, is a format specified by Microsoft, Sony, Philips and Hewlett-Packard to allow an optical disc to be used exactly like a floppy disk. That is, being able to read from and write to the disc from within any application you use, without the need for special burning software. Mt. Rainier differs from traditional packet writing software in that it performs most of the tasks (such as background formatting and handling defect management) in the hardware of the drive itself, making the system far more robust, and relieving the operating system from these tasks. Mt. Rainier will be a standard part of the forthcoming Microsoft Windows version, called Longhorn. Mt. Rainier capability is available for CD-RW and DVD+RW only. Look for the EasyWrite logo on the front of the drive to determine if it is Mt. Rainier compliant.

Two-way Compatibility
Two-way compatibility is the basic philosophy for DVD+R and DVD+RW. It means that existing DVD-Video discs can be played on a DVD+RW recorder (or that existing DVD-ROM discs can be read on a DVD+RW drive), and that the recordings you make on DVD+R and DVD+RW discs can be played on existing DVD-Video players and DVD-ROM drives.

Basic system requirements:
PIII 450 CPU and higher, 128MB memory and higher.
Windows 98SE/ windows ME/ Windows 2000/ Windows XP
Recommended system requirements:
PIII700 CPU, 256 MB memory.
Windows 98SE/ Windows ME/ Windows 2000/ Windows XP