Sunday, May 22, 2005

A Great TV Tuner With Lots Of Features!!!

I love my Compro TV Ultra. I connect it to a 3-way splitter, my cable modem, cable TV are also hooded up to the splitter. I can record shows, movies etc. And being able to watch TV on my PC is a cool, because sometimes the cable on my TV don't work right. Don't know why?? This was I can watch my favorite shows without missing anything... I bought it from I notice one thing is that Compro's software makes the TV Tuner run the TV programs faster than on the TV... Funny huh? Like when I was watching 24 on my PC and my TV. The TV was slower by a few seconds... I but I had problems with viewing TV on my PC at first, I sent e-mail to the customer service, by the way the people at Compro USA are and very helpful too! There that's when I found out I had to upgrade the software, from version 1.0 to 2.0. The other thing is that I had to also install a program called Ulead Photo Explore 8.0 in order to use the recording functions. Later on I had another problem is that The Compro software interferes with my cable TV remote control, when I change the channel or turn up the volume on my cable remote The Compro TV software would come on and go off, weird huh? Now for the FM radio tuner function, I don't really use this one, because I don't listen to the radio much. But I tried it out and found it to be ok, You can record some music, etc. I put it on autoscan some of Detroit's more popular stations weren't on the play list. I had to add them in manual, like WJLB, WDRQ, etc. I also got a lots of noise too. But all is well and I'm happy with my buy.

Records TV and FM radio, comes with a remote control, good customer service, works faster then cable TV.

Compare the interfaces: 1.0 or 2.0?

interferes with cable TV remote control, problems viewing TV on my PC until I upgrade my TV Tuner driver and Compro software, ugly new interface.

The Hook-up 1: TV Tuner, 2: TV, 3: Cable Modem.

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