Monday, September 19, 2005

My Blog: Tech 4 U!

I started this blog in May of 2005 and I'm still new to blogging world, but been a member since April 2004. I started this blog to help people by putting reviews on products that don't have much infomation out there on them. I Got very upset about this problem, I would search for Tech products that I'm interested in, and I wouldn't be able to find anything on them. So please go vote on what you think about my blog, just go near the bottom right hand side of my blog in order to vote. Here are the choices: "I Love It!", "I Like It!", "I Hate It", or "Undecided". Please tell me what you think, and if you have any suggestions, advice, or recommendations. Put them in the comments section. Thanks!

Build-To-Order Or Retail?

Velocity Micro (on the left) and at the bottom I have some of the PC's I will be talking about. I will be buying a new PC for Christmas, and I want it to last for a really long time. So I looked in the Sunday's paper and on Retail stores websites like Circuit City, Best Buy, Compusa, Office Depot, Office Max, ABC Warehouse, etc. I couldn't find any that I want from the retail stores, not enough choices for me. To find right one for me, and then I went to the build-to-order PC websites, like Velocity Micro, Alienware, VoodooPC, Dell, Falcon Northwest, Gateway, Tigerdirect, ABS, etc. And I notice that they have a lot more choices, like more hard drive space, case choices, things like that. Dell and Gateway only takes checks and credit card payment, so that's out the question, Voodoo PC's didn't have the right choices for me, neither do ABS, and Alienware and falcon Northwest are just too expensive for me. What's left? Tigerdirect and VelocityMicro, from Tigerdirect I chose The Systemax Venture HU H630 Intel Build-to-order PC Pentium 4 Built-To-Order Intel 955X Desktop PC $899.99 and $2,347.93 the final price after I did sconfigurationring. Here's what I wanted:

Printers: No Printer Selected
Accessories: Systemax Foxconn ATX Branding Pack
Networking: Integrated Gigabit Network Adapter
Keyboards / Mice / Input: No Mouse Selected
Software: No Software Bundle Selected
Modems: No Modem Selected
Monitors: No Monitor Selected
Speakers: No Speakers Selected
Accessories: Black Venture Label
Components: Creative Labs SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum
Accessories: No Firewire Card Selected
Removable Data Storage: No Card Reader Selected
CD/DVD Drives: 52x32x52/16x CDRW/DVD Combo Drive
Accessories: 1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty w/ 1 Year Onsite
Keyboards / Mice / Input: Systemax 104 Black Keyboard
Software: Consumer Software
Software: Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2
CD/DVD Drives: 16X DVD+R/RW-R/RW Dual Layer Drive
Software: No Antivirus Software
Hard Disk Drives: Serial ATA (SATA) Hard Drive 250GB (7200 RPM)
Hard Disk Drives: Serial ATA (SATA) Hard Drive 250GB (7200 RPM)
Software: No Anti-Spyware Software
Digital Cameras: No Camera Selected
Power Protection: No Power Protection
Processors: Intel P4 CPU 650 3.4 GHz/800FSB/2M S775
Memory: 4GB DDR2 PC4200 Non-ECC Memory (1GB x 4)
Cables: No Cable
Wireless Networking: No Wireless Router
Accessories: Systemax Venture HU H630
Accessories: Intel D955X Chipset ATX Case w/ 350 Watt PS
Video / Graphics Cards: ATI Radeon X800GT 256MB PCI-Express Graphics Card

then I looked at the Velocity Micro PC, I loved the choices they have the people they are nice and helpful unliked the people at Tigerdirect and Systemax, it seem like nobody works they. You the lotschoicesoses of payment options like wire transfers and money orders, just like Alienware and Voodoo. I chose The ProMagix A/V/D for $1,965.00 before configuration and after $2,350.00. Here's what I wanted:

Core Compontents:
Case: LXe-W Black - Velocity Micro Signature Case - Pure Aluminum with side window,
removable front door, extended depth (+$15.00)
Power supply: 500 Watt power supply with dual fans
Motherboard: Intel D925XECVLK 925XE Chipset motherboard with DDR2, PCI Express
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 Processor 650 with HT, 3.4 GHz, 2MB L2 Cache, EM64T, XD, LGA775 Socket (+$130.00)
CPU Cooling: Intel Cerifed High Preformance Heatsink/Fann
DDR2 Memory: 2048MB Mushkin DD2 PC4200 DDR533 Enhanced Memory (4x512)

Audio & Video:
PCX Video: 128MB eVGA NVIDIA GeForce 6600, Dual Heads
Video Tuning: Basic 3D Video Performance Tuning & Optimization
TV Tuner: Compro PCI TV Tuner Card "VideoMate Ultra" (Already Have)
Monitor : Rosewill 17" Black LCD Montior (Already Have)
Audio: SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS with 1394 FireWire Port, 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 channels (-$95.00)
Speakers: Logitech THX Z-5300e 280 Watts RMS 5.1 Speaker (Already Have)

Hard Drive: 1 200GB Western Digital WD200JD 7200rpm SATA/150, 8MB Cache (-$60.00)
Hard Drive: 2 200GB Western Digital WD200JD 7200rpm SATA/150, 8MB Cache (+$40.00)
Hard Drive: 3 200GB Western Digital WD200JD 7200rpm SATA/150, 8MB Cache (+$145.00)
Optical Drive: 1 16x Lite On DVD+/-RW/CD-RW Dual Layer, Black Bezel
Optical Drive: 2 16x Lite On DVD/48x CD-RW Combo Drive, Black Bezel
Floppy Drive: 1.44MB Floppy Drive, Black Bezel
Media Reader: Brother MFC Media Card Reader (Already Have)

Communications: Integrated 10/100/1000MBps Gigabit Ethernet Network Adapter
Modem: Some other one
FireWire: Integrated IEEE 1394 FireWire Port
USB 2.0: Ports 6 USB 2.0 Ports

Software Operating: Microsoft Windows XP Pro w/Service Pack 2 on original CD, Installed & Performance System Tuned:
Productivity Software: FREE - Corel WordPerfect Office 11 - includes WordPerfect, Quattro Pro, Presentaions ($99 retail value)
Software Bundle: FREE - Ulead Digital Creation Suite - PhotoImpact, VideoStudio, DVD MovieFactory
Security Software: avast! version 4.6 Home Edition (Already Have)
Recovery Disk: Custom DVD Restore Disk, returns your system hard drive to original factory installation

Internal Cables: Standard Premium Ribbon IDE and Floppy Cables
Keyboard: Microsoft Wireless Desktop Optical 3.0 USB / PS/2 -OEM (Already Have)
Network Cable: Cable Patch CAT. 5E 3' Black (Already Have)
MP3 Player:
Printer: Brother Multifunction Printer (Already Have)
Printer Cable:
Digital Camera: Fuji FinePix 5.2MP Digital Camera (Already Have)

Power Protection: Ground Gold 12 Outlet Surge Protector (Already Have)

T-Shirt: Velocity Micro Limited Edition T -shirt in Blue, size XL

Assembly Immaulate custom hand wiring and origami-style folded drive cables for ultimate
air flow, assembled in Richmond, Vriginis, USA
Quality Assurance Indivdual custom testing for complete component and software functionality, signed by the system builder and QA inspector

Documentation: Owner's Portfolio with Velocity Micro manual, driver disks, and accessory pack

Installation: (I will do it myself)

Warranty** 3 Year VelocityCare Part & Labor Limited Warranty, 1 Year 24/7 Support with Emergency Hours, and On-Site Service

Upgrade Plan: Lifetime Upgrade Plan - For a $99 fee, you may return your system for cleaning, maintenance, discounted upgrades, and tuning

I think I'll just buy The Velocity Micro, Just because I like the case better, free cool t-shrit, and the great customer service! But I wouldn't mind getting the Dell 19" monitor Model # e193FPp..LOL!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Great News: My Webcam Is Finally Up And Running!

I been trying to get my webcam up every since I got last Monday on the 12th of September. The webcam is localed in my room, mostly you will see the view from my window which is of heart of Downtown Detroit and across the water to Canada's Casino Windsor, my cat Kazine, spelling? and of the Betta fish Goldie, my ¿Karzy? younger brother Kevin, sometime you even might see me or my mom, and what's on mine PC desk. Just go to the bottom of my blog page. Broadcasting hours are on the Weekdays Monday thur Friday at 1:20 pm to 1:20 am sometimes it a be 12:20 am or even 11:20 pm. And the Weekend Saturday and Sunday at 5:30 pm around 12:00 am. The streaming broadcaster software I'm using is MyOwnCam and I'm no longer using JAVA Script Technology, just so you know. Just look at the picture I've taked in the past few days. What do you think of my webcam? Please go near the bottom of my blog's page and chose a the best answer of how you feel about my blog!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Great 5.1 Surround Sound Headphones For The Right Price!!!

I just love my new headphones set, its comes with a 5.1 amplifier box with a built-in Hi-Fi amplifier, the function of the amp box: power on and off master volume control. which has the best direct transmission effect for Hi-Fi sound. The 5.1 amplifier box can be used for 2 sets of 5.1 channel sourround sound headphones at the same time (but I don't know where I can buy just another pair of headphones without the amp box at?) and can be use for many sound sources, like DVD Players, Portable DVD Players, TVs, VCRs, PlayStation 1 and 2, X-Box, Game Cube, CD Players, Mp3 Players, Walkmans, PCs, Laptops, Notebooks, and Hi-Fi Receivers. The headphones has a adjustable head band for a better experience. The headphones has a binaural earcup design (I guess that means that the earcups tilt, which they do!) also has closed design for maximum noise canceling and excellent bass preformance, includes six speakers and two force feedback elements dilivering full frequency life like sound. Is Dolby digital & DTS ready, and the cord is very long about 10ft long! I use the headphones mostly to listen to music on my PC, hooked up from my amp box, to my wired romote control by using the RCA stereo jacks to 3.5mm stereo plug adapter, I first use the 3.5mm stereo plug to 9 pin jack wtihout the amp box, it didn't worked at first because I didn't have the connecter pluged in tight enough. I then relies that I needed the amp box for the best sound, and now use D1 to reconnected headphones to wired romote control. Here all what comes with package: 1 pairs of headphones, 1 amplifer box, and the connections, 1 plug 9 pin RCA connector that connects to the headphone jack on the front of 5.1 amplifier box, 1 Power supply, 1 3.5mm stereo plugs to RCA plugs, 1 3.5mm stereo plugs to RCA jacks, 1 3.5mm stereo plugs to RCA stereo jacks, 1 3.5mm stereo plugs to RCA stereo plugs, 1 RCA stereo jacks to 3.5mm stereo plug adapter, 1 3.5mm stereo jack 6.3mm stereo plug adapter, and 1 3.5mm stereo plug & 9 pin jack (it also connects to the wired romote control of the Z-5300e) though the 3.5mm stereo plugs to RCA are very thin. I can hear the radio on right side of the headphones when the music is very low or off, but when I turn it up I hear no radio. Their are a lot of jokes about the model name "KY-100". because you know the KY Warming Liquid, and Personal lubricant cream..LOL!!! The company KINYO, took the letters K and Y and put them together. Another company also came up with a bad model # The Nirotek "NIRO 1.1STD"Home Theater System. I mean "STD" come on....LOL!!!! I bought the headphones from for 40.49 with sh 6.00, as bundled with 2 other items.

Has a Binaural Earcup Headphones design, Six Speaker and Twin Force Feedback, Works with Home Entertainment Centers and Popular Gaming Systems, Surround Sound Headphones allow you to hear the power of 5.1 Digital sound without waking the rest of the house. The six speaker and dual force-feedback elements provide multi-channel sonic realism. You'll hear every note, every crash or every explosion with crystal-clear fidelity. Features 6 speakers & 2 force feedback elements for sonic realism, Dolby Digital & DTS Ready, For use with DVD, TV, VCR, PC/Macs, PlayStation, Xbox & GameCube, Freq. Response: 20 Hz-20 KHz, Signal-To-Noise Ratio: 80 dB, Total Harmonic Distortion(THD): 0.5%. And the headphones don't hurt to wear for periods of time, adjustable, amplifier box.

I can hear the radio on the right side of headphones when the music is off or very low, the 7pc connections cables are very thin.

Kinyo KY-100 5.1 Channel Headphones.

Finally The Microphone I've Been Looking For!!!!!

I love my View Pic Logitech 980186-0403 Silver USB Connector Desktop Microphone. Because I don't have to worry about drivers to download, and that it has easy plug-and-play, and that's what you get from the Logitech USB Desktop Microphone. You also get true digital quality and a noise-canceling technology to filter out unwanted background noise and deliver better voice recognition, better voice command, better voice recording, and more. Sleek, compact, and attractive, the itself is black, but on the pictures it looked like a very dark grey, and the base itself sliver. Nice...but I wished it would of been a all black color! Its also not built cheaply either, it is perfect for any desktop. This has got to be the best microphone I've ever owned. I'm thinging about getting my mom and younger brother one too! Note: You have be like a half foot away from the microphone, or you'll get distorted speech. For very cheap people this microphone isn't for you, because it cost almost 20 bucks! But I'm telling you it's worth it! Their is a 3.5mm version for 9.99 with 4.99 sh, links are below. I bought this microphone from for 19.00 with sh for 4.99, it's bundled with two other items.

Logitech 980240-0403 Black 3.5mm Connector Desktop Microphone.

Advanced digital USB provides superior clarity, The simplicity of a single plug-and-play connection, Noise-canceling microphone filters out unwanted background noise, Power switch illuminates when microphone is active, Microphone pivots on weighted, stable base to hold preferred position, 8 ft shielded cord with USB connector, offers convenience and flexibility around your desktop, Mute switch on base for easy control, Weighted base for stability.

Not really a con, but just a piece of advice, you have to be a half foot away from the microphone, or get distorted speech.

The Logitech Sliver USB Desktop Microphone.

The Webcam That Has...Just About All Going For It....BUT!

I like my new Logitech 961239-0403 QuickCam Pro 4000 WebCam, because of all the features it has. Like zoom in or out, even pan and tilt to get the right shot, Add live video to MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, AIM. Send live video to mobile phones with Logitech Mobile Video. Video pros get ready... You can edit or create your videos and pictures, its USB 2.0 and 1.0 compatible, their new QuickCam was made for anybody. By combining a digital zoom, built-in microphone (though I don't use it, instead I Logitech's Sliver USB Microphone), and high-quality VGA CCD sensor up to 640x480 video resolution, the QuickCam Pro 4000 lets you express your creativity like a pro. Now you can create amazing videos and shoot 1.3 megapixel with 1280x960 resolution still photos with ease. Manual focus, & up to 30 frames per second. Or add live video to your instant messages while you chat. You can also make live video calls, set up a video monitoring system, or send photos and video along with your email. You can even add video to your eBay auctions. (I don't have a eBay account, so I didn't know anything about that) The sound quality is ok, not perfect but it does the job. I like the design of the webcam it's black and sliver with a shape like a eye, the frame rate is 30 frames per second, this webcam software has lots of formats for stills: BMP, TIFF, JPEG, PCX, PNG, TGA, PSD (3.0) and when you use QuickCam to e-mail vidI my new Logitech 961239-0403 QuickCam Pro 4000 WebCam, because of all the features it has. Like zoom in or out, even pan and tilt to get the right shot, Add live video to MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, AIM. Send live video to mobile phones with Logitech Mobile Video. Video pros get ready... You can edit or create your videos and pictures, its USB 2.0 and 1.0 compatible, their new QuickCam was made for anybody. To talk to friends and love ones, the file automatically converted to WMV, and it also put the path to the file, so its easier for you to find. Included Digital Radar II records anything that moves, so you can finally see what goes on in the house when you're away! Now for the bad I see green like lines when it's too dark and it looks like a film negative when there is too much light. (examples at the bottom). Cam comes apart from the base too easily. Another down side is that the video format is AVI instead of MEPG 2, and for those who are cheap, then this webcam isn't for you, it's very expensive at almost 80.00 bucks! But those who wants an above average webcam then one's for you, with all the high tech features you could want! It's Requires: Windows 98, ME, 2000, or XP, a Pentium II 300 or higher, 32MB of RAM, and 75MB, Drivers available on for Mac OS X 10.1.5 to 10.2.6. What all comes in the box: the webcam itself on the base with a build-in microphone, LCD monitor bonus clip, QuickCam software, 2-year limited Hardware Warranty, and a set-up guide. I bought this webcam from for 74.98 which isn't cheap! with 5.99 sh. it's a bundled with two other items.

LOGITECH QuickCam Pro 4000 The rounded and brushed silver design looks extremely cool, of free Hard Drive spaceand is definitely unique! . Capture high-quality videos and Megapixel photos, Add video to your Yahoo! Messenger, AIM, MSN Messenger, Video-chat online using Windows Messenger or Microsoft NetMeeting. The built-in-mic makes it easier to chat with live Audio and video, With it, you can express yourself creatively like never before with stunning high-quality up to, 1280x960 Resolution (1.3 megapixel) still pictures and up to 640x480 VGA Video Resolution, Broadcast live video and audio over the Internet, make live video calls, or simply Email videos and pictures to family and friends, Zoom in or out, even pan and tilt to get the right shot,Send live video to mobile phones with Logitech Mobile Video, Create movies like a pro with studio-quality video editing software, Compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1, Software includes: video email software, web page builder software, web cam software, and more, Included Digital Radar II records anything that moves, so you can finally see what goes on in the house when you're away!, Built-in Microphone, Lens: manual Focus, Number of Colors: thousand or millions, Frame Rate: up to 30 frames per second.

Doesn't work too good when it's too dark and too much light conditions, expensive! cam comes apart from base too easily.

The Logitech Quickcam Pro 4000.