Sunday, April 24, 2005

Thank God, This No Good All-In-One Has Been Discontinued!!!!!!!!

I had such a hard time with this machine that I gave it away to someone who doesn't know that much about printers, who wouldn't care about what kind of printer they would get, someone who is just happy with getting a printer at all. Not me I want the best for the right price. This printer cost way too much money, for this worthless piece of garbage. I paid 299.99 + Michigan tax for it!! I bought this printer around Christmas time in 2001 from Office Depot. I had all kinds of problems with this thing, from the ink cost, to the headaches this thing gave me. ERROR, ERROR, ERROR!!!!!!!! So many errors, like ink error and paper jams and the fact that I had to buy three PCs to get this thing to work. It's very very sloooowwwwww, not even a PC pro I know could do anything about it!!! And when I finally got this thing to work with my 3nd PC, my I add, the printer feature was very slow, it would take 4 minutes to print one page of text, and forget about printing pictures it takes 10 minutes to print photos. The copier feature was slow, and sometimes of poor quality. I used the scanner just about all the time with my 3nd PC, and it was bad the paper would get jammed in there and I would have a hard time getting out of there, the scans were of poor quality, sheet feed scanners are horrible! I never could the built-in video-capture port feature to work. And I only used the fax feature twice and it worked ok, but the sheet feed ate up the paper, This thing drinks ink like waterI will said this it makes a great door stop...LOL! I'm so glad Brother don't make model anymore. I do not Recommended this AIO. So I waited three years too do some more research on all-in-one's, Because I didn't do enough research before. But and now I found the right one for a great price(MFC-5840CN) and I'm very happy with it.


Not a flatbed, slow printing, scanning, coping, paper jams, ink errors, driver errors, use up lots of ink fast.