Thursday, May 26, 2005

I Love My Fujifilm FinePix e510 Digital Camera!!!

I love this Camera! I bought this camera from for 209. 95 + SH 6.50 = 216.45. . The e510 comes with the camera, a manual, a 16MB xD-picture media card, a 4x6 sample picture, camera strap, 2 AA alkaline batteries, and software. It's got a lot of features. Like a big 2'in LCD screen, auto mode, zoom in, movie mode, 5.2MP, Real-image optical viewfinder(approx. 80% Coverage) some camera don't even have a viewfinder, Etc. The LCD viewfinder is kinda of useless in dark places because you can't tell what's you're taking, but takes great outdoor pictures and good well-lit indoor pictures, when you view a picture you've taken, you can zoom in on, it's got 5.2MP that means you take 20x30 pictures, 4 preprogrammed scene types: like sports, night, portrait, landscape, color modes: standard, chrome, and B&W. A pop-up flash, the power source is 2 AA alkaline batteries, that means replacing batteries is easy, because this type of batteries can be found anywhere, storage media xD-picture card (16MB to 512MB) is the smallest and the fastest media around right now, I really don't use the software it came with, I just use the Brother's 5480cn photo capture driver. I had some problems with this camera at first. I kept on clicking the shutter button, I found out that I wasn't clicking the button hard enough:) The movie mode quality isn't very good. (320x240 94 Sec., 160x120 288 Sec.) and the videos also come out too dark, another downside is this camera eat up a lot of batteries and I had to replace them four times already! But if you want a non-costly camera with 5.2mp and 2 inch LCD, that cost less than others in the same league. You can see more accessories for The e510 at the Fujifilm mall website.

The FinePix e510's Accessories

5.2 million pixels, Auto focus, 4 preprogrammed scene types: sports, night, portrait, landscape, Color modes: Standard, Chrome, B&W, Auto flash, 2.0-inch LCD monitor, Real-image optical viewfinder(approx. 80% Coverage), Power source: 2 AA alkaline batteries(replacing the batteries is easy), Movie recording[though this features quality isn't very good], Storage Media: xD-Picture card(16MB to 512MB)(is the smallest and the fastest media), great outdoor pictures and well-lit indoor pictures.

movie mode quality isn't very good, batteries run out fast, you have to click shutter button hard, LCD viewfinder is kinda useless in dark places..

The FujiFilm FinePix e510 Digital Camera

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