Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Tech News: The Samsung Digimax Pro 815 With The Largest LCD, 3.5 In!

The Pro815 is targeted at the advanced market segment of camera users and this camera has three really stand out features that can be called world's firsts for the digital camera segment:

The first thing you notice on this camera is definitely the screen. This is larger than a lot of handheld gaming console screens, it's monstrous in comparison to what you typically see in today's cameras. The model's on the showroom floor were not powered, but the one working model they had during the presentation was stunning in the brightness and ease of viewing it offered. Another great feature of the 815 is The 3.5" LCD could be a TV it's so big!! The LCD that resides on top of the lens, this allows you to hold the camera at waist or chest level and look down on the camera and focus the shot. The 1900 mAh battery should offer users up to 500 shots on one charge, even with the huge LCD sucking the life out of it. The 1900 mAh size battery is the largest of any camera to date. The battery and LCD do add weight to the camera (Samsung would not quote a weight number as it is still in development), but the fact this is an SLR substitute means you won't be carrying a bunch of lenses so that will keep overall travel weight down. The included standard lens shoots both 28mm wide-angle shots and has 420mm tele-zoom capabilities, with an SLR this would usually involve having two seperate lenses. Samsung promises it will have a huge number of offerings going into 2006 and this is just the start of it's agressive push to offer cameras that are highly competitive with pricing and offer new and advanced features and still meet the competition's price point for "equivalent" but, as Samsung would argue, inferior cameras.

Huge 3.5" LCD screen15x optical zoom, and 4x digital zoom offers 60x zoom via standard lens1900 mAh battery is the largest in any camera, this one of which is 3.5" the battery is needed, it will provide enough juice for up to 500 shots which is very good. Another color LCD 1.44 in. on the top of the camera.

The price at 899.99, it's not very afforable, and it's kinda on the big side too.

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