Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Tech News: Intel based Apple PowerBooks?

"NEW YORK, November 7 ( – Appleinsider said on Monday that Apple Computer Inc. is likely to launch its Intel (INTC) processor-based PowerBooks during 1Q06.

Apple announced in June 2005 that it would migrate to Intel-based processors from PowerPC technology by June 2006. According to Channel Register, Intel is expected to ship its Yonah processors, which are designed for laptops, during the end of 2005. Channel Register added that Appleinsider's reports suggesting the time frame for the launch of Apple's Intel-based laptops and Intel's launch of the Yonah processors would coincide. The Mac Observer said on Monday that UBS Investment Research expects Apple to witness robust sales for its iPod nano, digital video downloads and the new iMac G5.

Analyst Charles R Wolf of Needham & Co downgraded Apple Computer Inc from "buy" to "hold." In a research note published this morning, the analyst mentioned that the downgrade in the rating was based on valuation. Apple Computer's share price has appreciated significantly over the past one year on account of the launch of new iPods and Macs, and the company's robust financial results. The sales of the company's Mac computers have been significantly higher than the estimates so far this year, the analyst added. According to Needham & Co, Apple is dominating the online music market through its iTunes Music Store, which was launched during 2003."

You know, I would like to see one of these PC's. Who'da thunk it? I though I'll never see Apple and Intel come together for anything.


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