Sunday, September 18, 2005

Great News: My Webcam Is Finally Up And Running!

I been trying to get my webcam up every since I got last Monday on the 12th of September. The webcam is localed in my room, mostly you will see the view from my window which is of heart of Downtown Detroit and across the water to Canada's Casino Windsor, my cat Kazine, spelling? and of the Betta fish Goldie, my ¿Karzy? younger brother Kevin, sometime you even might see me or my mom, and what's on mine PC desk. Just go to the bottom of my blog page. Broadcasting hours are on the Weekdays Monday thur Friday at 1:20 pm to 1:20 am sometimes it a be 12:20 am or even 11:20 pm. And the Weekend Saturday and Sunday at 5:30 pm around 12:00 am. The streaming broadcaster software I'm using is MyOwnCam and I'm no longer using JAVA Script Technology, just so you know. Just look at the picture I've taked in the past few days. What do you think of my webcam? Please go near the bottom of my blog's page and chose a the best answer of how you feel about my blog!


Jerry said...

Dry Weekend Forecast... Hi 91 F Lo 70 F Many folks saw SOME rain today, and Friday evening showers will be a welcome sight for others.

Jerry Wilson
Editor & Producer
Vegas Buzz News / Radio

marquita188 said...

Thank you for that! You've just giving me a great idea!


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marquita188 said...

thanks! Adrenaline Junkie...

Clifford said...

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