Thursday, September 15, 2005

Finally The Microphone I've Been Looking For!!!!!

I love my View Pic Logitech 980186-0403 Silver USB Connector Desktop Microphone. Because I don't have to worry about drivers to download, and that it has easy plug-and-play, and that's what you get from the Logitech USB Desktop Microphone. You also get true digital quality and a noise-canceling technology to filter out unwanted background noise and deliver better voice recognition, better voice command, better voice recording, and more. Sleek, compact, and attractive, the itself is black, but on the pictures it looked like a very dark grey, and the base itself sliver. Nice...but I wished it would of been a all black color! Its also not built cheaply either, it is perfect for any desktop. This has got to be the best microphone I've ever owned. I'm thinging about getting my mom and younger brother one too! Note: You have be like a half foot away from the microphone, or you'll get distorted speech. For very cheap people this microphone isn't for you, because it cost almost 20 bucks! But I'm telling you it's worth it! Their is a 3.5mm version for 9.99 with 4.99 sh, links are below. I bought this microphone from for 19.00 with sh for 4.99, it's bundled with two other items.

Logitech 980240-0403 Black 3.5mm Connector Desktop Microphone.

Advanced digital USB provides superior clarity, The simplicity of a single plug-and-play connection, Noise-canceling microphone filters out unwanted background noise, Power switch illuminates when microphone is active, Microphone pivots on weighted, stable base to hold preferred position, 8 ft shielded cord with USB connector, offers convenience and flexibility around your desktop, Mute switch on base for easy control, Weighted base for stability.

Not really a con, but just a piece of advice, you have to be a half foot away from the microphone, or get distorted speech.

The Logitech Sliver USB Desktop Microphone.


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