Monday, June 06, 2005

A Needed Accessory!! The Fujifilm FinePix "E" Series AC-3VHS AC Adapter.

The Fujifilm FinePix "E" series AC-3VHS AC adapter, is very much needed accessory for your Fujifilm Digital Camera, I strongly recommed you buy this ac adapter. Because like I said before in the e510's review, The e510 eats up a lot batteries, and that means you'll lose some great moments because of it... And you also save money in long run! When I first got it, I was so happy. Now I can save my batteries for times, when you are outdoors or away from electric power sounces. A warning to you. The camera will get very hot, so please use with caution! another warning, is that the AC's cord isn't very long so also recommend you buy a AC Outlet Extender cord. I already have one laying around the house, but if you don't have one, go to they have one for 5.99 plus shipping, or a cable store. I guess the price is right, the depand on you. I paid 38.15 + 5.75 = 43.85. I would of paid a little less, if I had of joined the YUB Club sooner maybe about dollar or so, but I'll talk about that later.....LOL.

AC Outlet Extend Cord

A must need accessory! save batteries for trips away from home and(or) where there's no power sources, another point is..You save lots of money from not having to keep on buying batteries!!!

camera gets very hot, when in uses for a long time, the price for some people, but not me...Core isn't very long, so you might have to buy a AC outlet extend cord, somewhere down the line.

The Fujifilm FinePix "E" Series AC-3VHS AC Adapter


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neil said...

Great review. I purchased this AC power adpater for my A345 to save the battieres while downloading pictures and then deleting them. It works just great.

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