Friday, June 24, 2005

A Great DVD Player For At A Low Price!!!

I just love my M270 black DVD player, because it's small, compact and it come with a 7'' TFT "LCD" Liquid Crystal Display, it's a good size, not too big not too little. The color change when moved at different angles. But the video quality is great. Built-in musical speakers & earphones? OH MY GOD! The DVD player's built-in sound quality is horrible!!! I recommed a very good pair of speakers!! Like a pair of Logitech's Mid-range speakers or better it your choice... Built-in Dolby digital decoder, Dolby digital output I like all the outputs this DVD player has. Dolby down-mix dual channel outputMulti-format disk support CD/MP3/CD-R/CD-RW/DVD/VCD/SVCD/HDCD/DVD Audio/WMA/Kodak Picture CD (JPEG) and I found out that it can play DVD-R/RW's too, The M270 read them as DVD Movie discs. I don't like the fact that the DVD player's battery snaps on the bottom of the DVD player, makes more easier to get broken, I wish then made it built-inside. You use the AC adapter as a power source instead of the battery, charge up the battery to the AC adapter, it also comes with a credit size remote control. I was a little confuses about the company, on the Newegg and the ChiefValue saids that this product is ADVUEU and AMW, I couldn't find it at the ADVUEU website only at the A-MW website. I brought it from for 149.00 S/H 4.99 = 153.99 with a -50.00 rebate = 99.00.

here's AMW Official Website

It's small and compact, has a ''7 TFT LCD screen, which make the video quality great.... Lots of outputs for convenience, also plays DVD-R/RW Media, don't know about DVD+R/RW, because I don't use it, do to the fact that this media lesser of the two, meaning less eletronics use it.

The sounds quality is horrible, do to the cheaply made built-in speakers....with just about all LCD's, color changes when moved different angles, the screen is only 7''. A 7'' screen could be too small for others, but not for me though.

AMW-M270-B DVD Player

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