Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Tech News: BD-R / BD-RE (BD-RW) Discs!!!

"Just in case you were curious to see what you'll have spindles of probably by this time next year, TDK's officially started production of single and dual-layer single sided BD-Rs and BD-REs (which is just their nomenclature for BD-RWs”). They're apparently apt to hyping Durabis, the anti-scratch / smudge / dust coating on Blu-ray discs (even though Durabis is standard for Blu-ray media), but no word on cost per disc. Just don'’t be surprised when it'’s, um, a lot you know the price we all pay for being an early adopter. Remember how much CD-Rs used to cost?"

Just imagine back up your with just one disc, or putting 12 DVD movies on one disc possibilities are just about in less.


larry200 said...

I like your profile. I'm recovering from tragedy too!! WE WILL SURVIVE!!! Hold your head up up up up up!!!

marquita188 said...

hi, larry. thank you so very much!